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Demo Models for Windows and MacOS

The demo models can be run in Windows or MacOS with the application Extend Player, which is free and has to be downloaded from ImagineThat inc. in Santa Barbara, Silicon Valley. The Player runs in the same way as a normal Extend appliction but you cannot rebuild or save your model. Select Player for your operating system.

FlowMac demos are selfexpanding at click on its icon. (winzipexpander .exe or .sea files) Each demo contains one lrx-file (the library), one mox-file (the model) and a text-file with instructions. As default the demo files are expanded in the Extend6Player folder:


Approach Flow of a Papermachine

This model describes 3 different conventional approach flow systems of a papermachine . The model is one out of more than 100 tutorial models supplied with FlowMac to understand and learn pulp and papermaking, and the use of FlowMac. You can play with the lip opening of the headbox (slowly as you do it in reality), retention on the wire, screen reject, etc., to understand how strong and easy to use FlowMac is. In the same way your own approach flow or papermachine process can be modelled by you, if you are a licencee,or by Papermac AB and consultants as PIC-Engineering,Piesslinger in Austria, Jaakko Poyry, Sweden and Norway, AF-CTS in Finland and AF in Stockholm. Voith,GL&V, Metso and UMV are other companies with engineering and FlowMac modelling services. If you, after run of this demo not has learned something new about papermaking, you are a very, very experienced papermaker.

Download Approach Flow Systems for Windows or MacOS

Fine Paper Machines

Three finepaper machines built year 1950, 1975 and 2000 are modelled. Illustrates the progress of process design and closure of the white water system. Excellent for training of process engineers and understanding of white water systems.

Download Finepaper machines for windows.

Cellecos Diskfilter

The demo model DiskDemo illustrates how useful FlowMac is for engineering companies and suppliers of process equipment. CellecoGL&V, a very experienced FlowMac user, presents a Discfilter module in a FlowMac model for a preliminar selection of a disk filter type and size. Any other supplier of equipment as Valmet, Voith, Fiedler, etc have its own library with blocks for different types of equipment.

Celleco distributes its library with screens, cleaners, deaeator and filters free to FlowMac users on internet.

Download The Disk Demo for Windows or MacOS

Newsprint Machine

A complete Newsprint Machine, as shown in the flowsheets in our home page, is the next demo. The model covers the full process including the white water and broke system. The papermachine is about 20 years old. It is true that this papermachine was the first one in the world to be run by use of Internet.

About 50 different papermachines have so far been modelled in FlowMac. A complete success especially in the area of preengineering,trobleshooting, training of operators, analysis of effluents and closure of the water system.

Download The Newsprint machine for Windows or MacOS


A FlowMac Refiner model includes much more than just a simple flow balance.Run and play with the refiner model. It included estimate of power need based on type of pulp, SR and process design (recirculation), generation of fines, etc. Compare with any other simulation tools said to be designed for pulp and paper processes.FlowMac is the ultimate for marketing of your process knowledge and products - and for engineering of processes. The refiner used in the model can be customised for your needs if you are a supplier of refiners.

Download Refining of Pulp for Windows or MacOS


FlowMac has an outstanding power to model and simulate Screening and fractionation in the stock preparation. There are blocks available for many types of screens and each of them separates
flow of fibres, filler and so far up to 20 tracers or contaminants. Up to 8 different fiber fractions of which one is shives and another one is fines can be balanced in a screening model. The model can generate a text file for important data for selected blocks.It is tabbed for an excel spreadsheet and prepared with column names. Suppliers of cleaners and screens are offered tailored libraries with modules for modelling of their processes. One demo model simulates a 2-stage screening system for stock with contaminats

Download a Screening of Stock with Contaminants for Windows or MacOS

And if you are interested in Fractionation, download Fractionation and Flow of Fines for Windows or MacOS

Stock Preparation

Stock Preparation is a model in pricipal used in pulping plants or ahead of a papermachine model.

Download The Stock Preparation for Windows or MacOS

Yankee Dryer

Yankee Dryer is a model that includes modelling of a tissue wet end, Yankee dryer heated with both steam and gasheated air and heat recovery system.

Download The Yankee Dryer for Windows or MacOS

Mill UnBalance and Efficiency

MillMac is designed for modelling of a pulp and paper mill and its unbalance in water and stock system due to unplanned and planned stops in different process units and breaks in the papermachine(s). Consumption of makeup water, flow to effluent treatment and mill efficiency are some data produced by a simulation run. The time period for a study is long or normally at least 3 months.
For more detailed description go to the MillMac Page.

Download The MillMac Demo for Windows or MacOS

Anything else?

If you have a special request for another specific demo please describe your process by a flowsheet and give an example of basic production data. Ask Papermac AB for it!

Latest news

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So far tests has shown that FlowMac can be operated by Extnedsim9. Models having up to 75 blocks can be rebuilt in Extendsim9LT.

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Linerboard machine model
A Linerboard machine model used for production increase is now available in FlowMac. It is produced by the most experienced user of FlowMac.

An upgraded version of Extendsim is on the way. It has many promising new functions. Papermac will test it and upgrade FlowMac.

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Windows 8
Tested by one experienced customer. Extend6 runs without problem

Last edited: 2013-01-21 04:18

Windows 7 and dialog problem
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FlowMac 6,11

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FlowMac is unique and the ... [Read more]

FlowMac in IPad on SPCI
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Andritz expands its use of FlowMac
Andritz has during 2 years been a user of FlowMac. It has been valued as excellent in especially prestudies and Andritz has now ordered licences ... [Read more]

Netviewer Meet

Papermac AB has upgraded its software for webmeetings to Netviewer Meet version 6.1 It makes it possible to run:

  • Online conferences with up ... [Read more]

    Further upgrade of FlowMac 6.10

    Tracer meters upgraded by Bengt Ericson GL&V. One Tracer meter block can now be used for either 1, 3 or 5 tracers as selected.

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    FlowMac Version 6.10
    Version 6.10 is now on the server and ready for download by licenced and upgrade contract customers. The upgrade makes FlowMac to the outstanding ... [Read more]

    Korsnäs - New Customer
    FlowMac  is now introduced in Korsnäs for modelling of paperboard machines and their stock preparation units. Rebuilds will improve ... [Read more]

    New FlowMac customer i Brazil

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    Upgrade Licence Block
    The warning date for close of the licence has been passed 090531. Ask Papermac AB for an upgraded licence block. Papermac  AB is the only ... [Read more]

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